Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Two -- Japan Week

To finish out Japan Week, we picked KT up at her home early this morning and drove to the Japanese Tea Gardens near the San Antonio Zoo.   It's a beautiful garden, lots of water features, and it's FREE! Yes, you read that right!
Sign says "Chinese" but it's been renamed the "Japanese" Tea Gardens
She is so beautiful!
 Mimi and KT in front of the waterfall
 More and more steps....
 Hi, KT!!

 We had extra time, so we took a ride on the train near the Zoo!

 Next stop, let's try some Japanese food!  Sushi Zushi!  KT was a real trooper and agreed to try something, just not sushi.  She ended up getting Udon Noodles with carrots, and Chicken Yakaturi on a stick.  She ate real well, I was so relieved!
 Colleen joined us for lunch...we needed a Sushi guide!
 I had the Colonnade Sushi, which was really good...except for the seaweed.  I had to take that off, but the rest was delicious!
 Afterwards, we treated ourselves to some frozen yogurt.  Did you know that they eat a lot of ice cream in Japan?  We read that they have some crazy flavors, though.  Look it up!
 Before swimming, KT showed us where Japan is on the globe.

Finally, we stamped her passport and she got to put a travel sticker on her suitcase.  She put everything we worked on this week in her case to take home and show her family.
 We had so much fun this week on our "travels" and we're looking forward to finding out all about England next week!



  1. This was a good week! 9 more weeks to go!

  2. Also, i think that seaweed piece was made up in your head.