Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Six - Germany Week

Field trip day!!  We spent the day in Fredericksburg, Texas, a wonderful town settled by German immigrants in 1846.  Shopping, sight-seeing, great food....this little town has it all.  We started our day with a walk downtown along Main street, and then stopped for lunch at Auslander's German Restaurant.
 While we were waiting to eat, KT posed for a photo under the big German flag they have flying in the courtyard.
 KT had chicken strips, but Grumpy had the full German meal, including sausage and beer.  I had their famous Reuben Sandwich and potato pancakes.  Delicious!
 After lunch we wandered some more downtown -- stopping at the candy store, too!  Here's a couple of colorful lollypops!
 We also stopped at Dooley's 5 & Dime -- are you old enough to remember the old 5 & Dime stores?  This place is a step back in time, I have so much fun just wandering through this place every time we go.  KT tried on some funny hats and we got her a small American flag -- that's what she wanted!
 Pizza head!
 All American Girl, sitting on a tractor seat!

We visited the little museum that is in the middle of the town square.  KT had some questions about this saddle, she wanted to know what each part of it was.  Good questions, KT!
 Then while we waited for Grumpy to bring the car down to us, KT had a great time playing in the children's playground.  I was content to sit and watch her from the covered pavilion.
Once we got home it was time to jump in the pool and cool off.  KT showed me a new jump she invented -- this is the Angel Fall.  She's a character.

"Hi!" KT!

Next week we're off to Australia!  Auf Wiedersehen, ya'll!

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