Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mimi's Summer Day Camp, Day Five - Germany Week

Today we started learning all about Germany!  We found Germany on the big globe, then KT painted the flag of Germany.  She's getting real good at staying in the lines -- a skill that she'll need in Kindergarten this year.
Next she decorated a gingerbread man -- they originated in Germany and are a specialty there at Christmas time.
 Afterwards we read the fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel, and found out about how they found their way home after being lost in the forest.  Then KT went on a scavenger hunt to find the kids!  There were 10 clues, and KT had to follow the colored paper "crumbs" to find each clue.  She also had to use her powers of deduction to figure out where the clues were.  She actually read every clue herself...this girl can read!
 She found this clue in the chicken layer!

This was lots of fun!  She got a little prize at the end when she found the kids!

Then we were off to the library -- we found a good book about Germany and a couple of other books that KT can read.  She got her own library card today, too.
 When we got home, Grumpy had made the hot dogs -- so we had a great lunch!  We decided that we weren't going to swim today since the sun wasn't out that much and the water was very cold!
So we moved on to the next thing on our agenda -- we made a German dessert -- Apple Strudel Bites.  KT is becoming quite a good cook and catches on to every task in the kitchen pretty well.  When these were done, she and Grumpy used the left over pastry and apples to create another Strudel roll that also turned out really good!

 To end the day, we popped some popcorn and put in a movie that KT has never seen and was a favorite of her mother when she was a little girl, The Neverending Story.  Turns out this movie was based on a favorite German story, "Die unendliche Geschichte" (original title).

We had another fun day!  On Thursday, we're taking a field trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, settled by German immigrants many years ago.  KT should really enjoy it, and I know I will.

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