Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, May 4, 2015

Today we harvested the first summer squash, one of the Lebanese White Bush Marrow.  Looking forward to tasting these!
Checked over the green beans and found many, many, many little beans! We are going to have to check these more often now to be sure they don't get away from us.
The cucumbers are looking bigger every day.  Looking forward to these in a salad soon!
...and the jalapeno's are starting to appear on every plant.  I'm definitely planning to pickle these as soon as I get enough.
Another batch of Dwarf Siberian Kale today, too.
I spent a couple of hours weeding, fertilizing and mulching some of the okra and the cow peas in Bed #4 this morning.  It's looking much better!  Just have the winter squash plants in the last 2 beds to do later this week.
The buckwheat in the field is blooming - such pretty little white flowers, and the bees do love them.
Another sunflower arrived today...
...and our first blue morning glory.  Something is damaging the leaves, I'm going to have to attend to these plants tomorrow.

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