Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 2 -- Blog Challenge - "20 Facts About You"

Oh great, more about me.  Make this stop!

  1. Family is #1 with me
  2. My #1 hobby is gardening
  3. I love spoiling my grandchildren, a lot!
  4. I love Scifi, books, tv, and movies
  5. I read a lot of apocolyptic fiction
  6. I’m not fat, I’m fluffy
  7. But….I’ve lost 26.5 pounds since January 1st
  8. My #2 hobby is following politics
  9. I watch Fox News and I like it!
  10. I’m a conservative, but falling out of love with the Republican party
  11. My favorite food is Chinese
  12. But I also love Italian! Oh heck, I just love food.
  13. I enjoy my homestead animals, they are so much fun to watch. Characters, all of them.
  14. I’m usually found with my laptop in the evenings
  15. The Biggest Walking Dead fan ever.  Zombies are my thing.
  16. I love traveling Texas, staying at bed & breakfasts - so much to see.
  17. I like having the latest technology when I can afford it. I can't afford the iPhone 6 yet.
  18. Coffee is a must in life. First. Thing. Every. Morning. Black.
  19. Blogging is therapy for me, self assigned!
  20. Love to go to chick flicks with my friends and then for drinks afterwards!

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