Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Turkey Update!

The turkeys are growing so fast, they were getting too big for the wire cage we've been keeping them in.  So, we moved the chicks in with the main flock of chickens (they all got along just fine, thankfully!) and then moved the turkeys into the first chicken coop for now.  I'm pretty confident that I have a pair here -- one is getting so much bigger then the other one.  I could still be wrong, though, so we'll continue to wait and see what happens.
 Turk and Layla (names provided by our 5 year old granddaughter!)
Turk and Layla are destined to be permanent residents on our place, hopefully providing us with eggs and perhaps future turkeys.  I'm trying to spend time with them every day so that they are used to being around us.

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