Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, April 24, 2015

We had a nice rain during the night, but it only amounted to about 1/4" of rain.  It sounded like a lot more -- lots of lightening.  The bean plants always appreciate a good lightening storm - I swear they grow in front of your eyes afterwards.
 They've started blooming!

This is a tub that I threw the last of a packet of Siamese Dragon Stir Fry Vegetables that I got from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds several years ago.  I don't see these in their paper catalog anymore, but they are still online. These seeds were probably 3 years old, but it looks like I got almost 100% germination.  I'm not going to thin these out, just going to let them go and see what I get.  This is a mix of mizuna, some kales, various choys,  mustards, cabbages, and tatsoi.  I have no idea which is which...which should be interesting when I harvest some of it????
 The squash haus continues to fill in....
 John's been asking me which squash is which here, so I made a sign for the front so we can identify them as they grow.  They are all mixed up in the bed, so who knows!
I spent some time pruning the tomato plants again -- they were getting too leafy.  I read recently somewhere that you shouldn't let their leaves touch the ground so as to prevent diseases from getting up the plant, especially when they are damp, so I took care of that. 

I didn't last too long out there today, the dampness from the rain has drawn in all of the little "no see 'ems" and I couldn't stand it! Flying, biting bugs....yuck!

The hedges in front of our house are COVERED in blooms right now, and that means butterflies...lots and lots of butterflies.  I couldn't get over how many where on these plants when I came in. 

Covered in butterflies!

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