Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, April 22, 2015

We're getting lots of blooms all over the garden.  This is the Ashley cucumbers, but the Holland White is keeping up with them.  Should have some tiny cucs soon!
These vines are getting so long, we had to add another section of wire so they could continue to climb.  
I'm having to tie back the tomatillo as they are trying to take over the entire bed they are in.  I wish I had known that they were going to be so big, I'd have allotted them more room.  Huge! They are covered in small tomatillos.
 I didn't do too well with my sunflowers this year -- some old seeds I was trying to use up.  There are about 6 plants here that survived.  Today I planted some new seed, it's not too late!
 Sunflower about to emerge....
All 10 tomato plants have fruit on them now.  Cherry tomatoes here....
 These are Juane Flamee. This plant is covered in tomatoes.
I counted 7 more heads of broccoli just emerging.
 The basil is looking great.
 And in the yard we are being treated to the scent of honeysuckle as we exit and enter the house.  That plant is gorgeous this year.

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