Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, April 16, 2015

Everything is up and growing now, even some of the seeds that I thought might be a bit too old!

Eight of the ten tomatoes have fruit on them.
 The squash haus is starting to fill out,
 and some of the plants are starting to reach for the sky!
I'm trying some new clips that I found on Amazon, I got a bag of 100 of these little things for only $10!  A simple design, but not sure how they will hold up to our Texas sun.  We shall see.
 There's a little squash on this vine....can you see it?
The long view of Bed #1. 
Many, may years ago I brought home one little Lamb's Quarter plant to add to my herb garden. Since then, we've had this plant come up EVERYWHERE! I usually leave one or two to grow, and they usually get about 6 foot tall.  The chickens love it, and it's edible, used just like spinach, in salads or cooked.  But beware, it will throw its seeds far and wide!
 The green beans are all looking great.
 So are the cucumber plants -- I'm training these on to the fence, too.
 Summer squashes!
 I think these tomatillos are about 4 foot tall now....
 ....and with little tomatillos!
Here's the long view of Bed #4.  Next week I'm thinning out these squashes and mulching with hay.  Can you see the green plants along the left side of the bed?  That's buckwheat that John planted for the chickens.  It's growing fast!  We've never grown it before, so its interesting to see what it looks like.
Today we picked some of the broccoli, snow peas and I thinned out some of the spinach and brought those in. 
 Yummm!  We had these with dinner tonight.
And here's the baby spinach all washed and ready to go in an omelet in the morning!

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  1. Wow! That's quite the operation you've got going there. At the moment it's snowing here in Denver, so it'll be a while before plants can go in the ground. Soon... :-)