Monday, April 13, 2015

K is for Kale

I absolutely L O V E kale.  I mean, I love it! I've really grown to know it in the chopped salads that I discovered a while back in the grocery store - the Sweet Kale or the Kale with Brussels Sprouts mixes.  So I've planted plenty of kale this spring so I can make my own salads.  My husband is not a big fan, so it looks like I'll have plenty to myself.
 This is the Dwarf Siberian kale -- its about ready to start harvesting around the edges!
Here is the Scarlet kale -- my first year with this one.  It's still pretty small, but growing well.  Now if I can manage to find a recipe for a low calorie lemon vinaigrette, I'll be in salad heaven!

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