Monday, April 6, 2015

E is for Eggs

Our hens lay the most beautiful brown eggs, every shade imaginable!  We're getting anywhere from 6 to 10 eggs every day, which makes for a lot of eggs.

I've gotten used to making an egg breakfast casserole every week, and we do have egg tacos often. I usually use 1/2 whole eggs, and 1/2 egg whites, to cut back on the cholesterol, so the cats and dog get the extra yolks.  They love that!

The extra eggs we give to family when we can, or I freeze in one dozen batches.  I know there will come a time in the fall or winter when they aren't laying as well, so it will be nice to have some ready to use.
 One of the smaller nests (we have 4 lay boxes this size)
and the big layer on the bottom.  Some of the real big hens love this one.
Aren't they gorgeous!?


  1. Gathering eggs used to be one of my favorite things when I was a child!

  2. They definitely are gorgeous. I'd like us to raise a few hens since the City allows us. It's just figuring how to do it without Molly the Cat wanting to bother them.
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  3. Wonderful photos. There is something wonderful about your own eggs.

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  4. How wonderful to have fresh eggs! I buy organic when I can afford it, but it would be great to have them fresh every day.

  5. I remember gathering eggs when I was a kid. Some of the hens wouldn't leave the nest and would peck us.

  6. You can freeze eggs??
    - EM