Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, March 25, 2015 (Squash Haus)

  • Today I spent almost the entire day out in the garden, but I sure got a lot done.  The old Bean Haus, which is going to be almost all squash this year, is totally planted. I tried to find squash that were fairly small so that they will be able to hang easily. The biggest squash here is the Tromboncino. There are:

  1. Honey Boat Delicata - Baker Creek Seeds (winter squash)
  2. Spaghetti Squash - SeedsNow (winter squash)
  3. Kikuza Squash - Baker Creek Seeds (winter squash)
  4. Tromboncino Squash - Southern Exposure Seeds (summer squash)
  5. Tigger Melons - (old seeds, so we'll see if they come up)
  6. Table Dainty Squash - Baker Creek Seeds (summer squash)
  7. Asparagus Yard Long Pole Beans - SeedsNow

  • Some of these were started in the greenhouse, and others went in as seeds.

  • I used my little tiller on some of this, until the battery died. Then I couldn't get the damned battery out to recharge it, and John wasn't here to assist, so I just used old-fashioned hoe and rake to work in the compost, sand and soil for the rest of it.  Whew!

 Can you see all of the little kale, lettuce and spinach seeds coming up in the front here? I was a little worried about that heavy rain we got last week, but they seemed to have survived and not washed away.
 All of the drip lines are in on the tomatoes.
 The green bush beans are all breaking ground!
 My Alden grapes are entering their 4th year here.  They've all sprouted and look fantastic.  These are not part of John's vineyard grapes, these are on the front of the old garden area, and they are table grapes.
 I planted Dianthus all around the oak tree in front of the pavilion today, also.  I love that these flowers will survive the winter and usually last 2 and sometimes 3 years here!  My travel gnome looks happy to have a new field to stand in, doesn't he?!
As I dug around the dirt, removing the old dead vines from the sweet potato vines I had in there last year, I found several of these huge potatoes!! I don't know why I was surprised, other than to say I thought those landscape sweet potatoes were probably some kind of different strain, but I was wrong! I may take these out to the greenhouse and see what will happen with them.

There's an old molcajete stone there in this bed that I fill with water for the butterflies and bees -- as I was sitting there a black butterfly landed on it! Didn't have the camera ready, though. 

Tomorrow I'm concentrating on the rest of the beds and plants in our yard -- it's time to clean out some beds and fertilize them.  I'm tired already!

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