Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Garden Notes, March 17-2015 (Greens, Peppers, Onions)

I started planting in bed #1 this week, while John's been working on the automatic sprinkler system.  The first bed (#1-A) is small, a few short rows of these greens.  I don't think we need a lot of these for just the two of us.
I put all of these on homemade seed mats this winter, so it was basically a matter of laying them on the damp soil and covering with 1/4" of soil, then watering in.  Easy peasy!

 Behind that is bed #1-B.  In there I have two rows of red onions and two rows of yellow onions.  In the middle are 8 jalapeno peppers, a pablano pepper, and a Big Bertha green pepper.  I didn't start any of these from seed....maybe next year!

All of the greens that I planted in big pots have started sprouting -- this is the red romaine.  They've all started sprouting, except for the radicchio.  I hope those seeds weren't too old, but we'll see.

The cucumbers needed to be potted up, so I chose the best 8 plants and repotted them today.  These are the Ashley cucumbers.  They'll go into the garden next week, weather permitting, but I didn't want them to get root bound.
I also potted up the few sunflower plants that I got from my old seeds.  I'll take whatever I can get! ha!

Meanwhile, the cabbages and peas are all growing nicely. I'm sure the rain is going to help them grow even more. I've never had much luck with these coles in the past, other than one cauliflower plant a couple of years ago, so I'm praying for these!
The Lichi Tomato plant from last spring spent ALL WINTER out in the corner between the garden and the chicken yard.  I could not believe that it seemed impervious to the cold!  I have two volunteers of this plant that I'm going to plant out next to it for this year.  Amazing plant, but covered in spines and spikes.

I took all of my old left over seeds and saved seeds that have gotten too old (pumpkins, squashes, Brussels sprout seeds, cabbage seeds from five years ago, just a lot of old seeds) and combined them in a bag the other day.  Today I tilled and dug up a patch behind the chicken house, then just broadcast them all over, then raked it over. Hopefully the rain will water them.  I'm sure the chickens will pick thru and eat some of it, but hopefully some will grow to give them some sprouts to pick at. I just needed to purge my seed stores.
I'm so happy it's finally gardening season!

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