Sunday, March 22, 2015

Rain, rain...glorious rain!

It rained so hard here on Friday night ... something we haven't seen around here in a very long time.  I'll never complain about rain again in my life after the dry summers we've had in the past few years, but my was a sight to see!
We had to rescue the 11 baby chicks in the old chicken house, it's a bit open to the weather and they're too young to figure out how to get up in the roost room above.  We mucked out there and picked them up into the roost.  They were all fine, just a bit damp.
Saturday morning they were all back down on the ground and pecking around, happy as could be, so all was well.  I had to layer some new hay down for them, though.

We couldn't do a thing in the garden Saturday, but I did take a good picture of the cucumbers.  They took the transplant well and are already looking bigger!
 Ashley on the left, Holland White on the right....
John moved a few of the t-posts around that he had purchased for the automatic water system and found an unwelcome passenger of a black widow spider on one of them, along with her egg sack.
Yes, she's dead! 

That's about all we did outside Saturday.  Hoping for some nice mild sunshine now for the garden.

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