Sunday, February 22, 2015

My new toy...

Life is a I invested in a Soleus Go! Fitness Band.  This is a neat little device that measures my daily activity and even the type of sleep I get.  Pretty cool!

First, you decide on your goals, such as "daily steps" -- I chose 10,000 as a reasonable goal, which I didn't achieve today.  It's only the first day for me to wear it, though, so I did reach 7,488 steps doing no more than my usual amount of moving around. And, I walked 3.19 miles doing it! ha!
It also measures your exercise sessions (which I have none of), calories used (1,962) and sleep cycles (deep sleep vs. light sleep), is a watch (time, date, etc.) and also alerts you to phone calls and texts, even scrolling those across the screen for you.  Amazing.  I have it synced to my phone so that I can easily look all of these stats up as the day goes along.
Now, lets see if it can motivate me to move a little more!

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