Saturday, February 21, 2015

Closer and closer to home....

JR and Ashley have purchased a home in San Antonio!!! I'm so happy about this, I did a little happy dance around the house the other day (don't tell anyone.)

They've bought a home in South town, which I really had no idea was a thing, but I have seen what a really big thing it is the past few days.  We met the realtor there the other day to pick up the keys for them.  JR and Ash came in yesterday evening, so we were over there with them this morning.  We had brunch at the Liberty Bar, which is only a few blocks from their new house.

Its an older home, but has been updated a few years ago. There's a huge big living room area that opens into the kitchen, high ceilings, and a fabulous chandelier that I love.  They have plans to redo some of the more cosmetic things, and a few more serious issues first.  Mostly it just needs a new coat of paint here and there. There's nothing really big.

The backyard is great - a pool and a hot tub, an historic small old home that needs lots of love, and an old covered carport at the back entrance.
I can't wait to see how their plans take shape for this place -- I think their timing is perfect - it looks like this whole area is getting a beautiful face lift.  

And I hope this means we will see lots and lots more of these two!!!

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