Friday, February 27, 2015

A new source for seeds....

I have a problem.

The first part of solving your problem is admitting it, right?

I'm a seed-a-holic.

There, I've said it.

I love, love, love a good seed catalog -- and I just want to try everything.  I must get about 12 different, beautiful seed catalogs every winter.  Did I mention, I wanted to try EVERYTHING?

It's a problem.  So when I buy a package of expensive seeds, I try it and it doesn't do well, and I'm left with about 3/4ths of the original package of seeds that are aging (as we speak) and also didn't do well here in our Texas soil.

So, thanks to a recommendation from one of the several garden groups that I belong to on Google+, I've found a site, SeedsNow, that sells seeds in sampler packs for ONLY 99 cents!! What?!!

Yes, a supply (usually plenty for what our needs are) for only 99 cents!!! Excitement!!!  I've received several of their varieties so far and hope to report on how they do for me in the spring.  Looking forward to it!

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