Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rest in Peace, Rebecca Jo Vahalik Schwencke

As you know, mother died on November 29th.  She was 87 years old, and in really poor health.  She's been that way for the past two years, really, and had severe dementia for the past four.  Her passing was a relief for her and for us all, it's been very hard to watch her get worse and worse, and her quality of life has been very bad.  

I'm relieved that she is free of the body that held her hostage for so long.  I loved my mother, but watching her like that was very, very hard.

We had a nice funeral for her at the Prince of Peace Church, and she was carried by many of her grandchildren and grandchildren-in-laws to her final resting place -- it was so good to see the guys here for her.  JR, Jeff, Joshua, Gene Michael, Jason, and Marshall.  The girls took part in the mass, Colleen, Emily and Molly.  The gifts at the mass were presented by Sarah, Andi and one of Mom's great-grandchildren, KT. Mom would have been so proud of them all.  

I was also so glad to see so many of her family from Yoakum that came up to either the viewing on Thursday night, or the funeral on Friday. 

I'm glad she is now with Dad, Danny, and her parents and sisters and brothers, free in mind and body. 

Also, I'm so grateful to my brother and his wife, Kathy, for all they did to see Mom to her final resting place.  I know Mike had the major workload with all of the arrangements (and thanks so much, Mom, for not making me the executor!)  He is very lucky to have Kathy to help him with all of that. She's so organized....something I've never been accused of.  It sure made the days after her death easier for all of us.  

Life is going to be different for all of us now.  I remember a good friend of mine many years ago told me that after her mom and dad had died, she felt like an orphan.  I don't know if that's what I feel yet. I don't think it's really sunk in yet.  Time will tell.

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