Saturday, December 20, 2014

Garden going-ons.....

We've been cleaning up the garden when the weather has been good.  I started by emptying out all of the tomato buckets and storing them all away in the barn for now.  I'm planning on moving them out into the field garden in the spring.
John and I both started taking all the old dried bean plants off of the bean haus, but he got real impatient with that little project and just pulled out his burner and burned them all off!  Okay, I'm fine with just sitting in the shade and watching him do that! ha!
He chopped down the castor bean trees (adequately covered) and stacked those out of the way to decay.  I won't be growing those again -- too much liability! I actually scared myself with those things.
I cleaned up around the elderberry plants and mulched them pretty deeply with burr oak leaves.  John put up a little fence behind them for me to keep those pesky chickens out of them.  I need to make new plant markers for them so I don't forget which plants are which.  I have two York and two Adams here.

We've been eating a few salads made up completely of greens and tomatoes from our greenhouse this winter.  They've been growing very well for me.
Swiss Chard

Italian Radicchio

Dwarf Kale

Corn Salad
Mini Bak Choi

I picked all of these tomatoes one day out there.  These plants just keep chugging along!
This past week I found a few tomato volunteers and transplanted them into individual pots, hopefully they will thrive.
John and I have been spending some time planning our spring garden, and I'm looking forward to starting some seeds soon.  Aren't seed catalogs just the best way to spend a cold evening!?

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