Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fredericksburg, Christmas 2014

Last Saturday we took a little trip with some good friends over to Fredericksburg, Texas, to enjoy walking through downtown.

 I absolutely love this little town at Christmas time -- if you haven't gone there, I highly recommend it.  We met up and walked through the charming little shops for a while, then had a great German lunch at The Auslander Restaurant.

After lunch (and after having to change a flat tire!!!), we drove out to visit a couple of the local wineries.

First stop was at Rancho Ponte Winery.  It was okay, but most of their wine is too dry for me -- I really only like the sweets, and the sweeter the better for me.  I'm sure it was great wine for those who are real wine drinkers, but I'm more of a wine idiot, so don't gauge it by me!

 Next stop was at Fiesta Winery, and I liked it a lot better -- they had a nice list of sweet wines!  We ended up buying a few from here that we're going to enjoy throughout the Christmas holidays.
 They had a live band playing in the courtyard, very nice.  We sat and enjoyed the music for a while -- what a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Here's hoping to do more of this in 2015....I'm going to make it one of my resolutions!

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