Sunday, October 26, 2014

Around the garden....

Not doing much out in the garden these days....we're slowing down and waiting for the first frost.  None so far.  I spent a full day cleaning out and arranging the little greenhouse.  It was a mess.  I've got a little sink on Amazon that I want to install in there, it just uses a hose and drains into a bucket. That should help a lot with washing pots, etc.
I'm looking for a good sale on growing lights now before I start plants for the spring garden.
 I moved a few plants in there that I want to keep through the winter, including a few peppers and those volunteer tomato plants.  Last year we had one that grew and produced throughout the entire winter.
 On the same day I cleaned out a small flower bed on the side of the greenhouse and planted a bunch of these beauties.  They will be so pretty out there all winter.
 The morning glories seem to really love this cooler weather -- they are just fantastic to look at.  These blues are mesmerizing!
 These volunteer black cherry tomatoes in pots are continuing to produce like crazy -- I couldn't even count how many fruit on them.

 The Mortgage Lifter tomato that I had just ignored (I never cut this one back) has gone crazy -- I counted 20 tomatoes on it!  Not sure they will make it, but I am watering it now, just in case.  This plant looks like hell - its so spindly and dry looking.  Its a wonder that its still alive.
This week I'm going to plant a pot of chard like I had last year throughout the winter.  Those things never quit!

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