Monday, September 22, 2014

On the road again....

Off on a little road trip this week -- we're headed to Vicksburg, Mississippi today for a few days!  The first day was, as usual, a lot of driving, although we took a little bit different route then we usually do - skipped IH10 completely and came through Waco and then took 20 across through Louisiana and into Mississippi. Whew, arrived in Vicksburg at about 7:15pm.

 John tells me that this is the new football stadium at Baylor. so I took a picture as we drove by.
 Entering Louisiana!
 The mighty Mississippi....
 We're staying at a historical bed and breakfast here, the Anchuca Mansion.  This is a historical building, built in 1830s -- I'm looking forward to seeing more of it tomorrow, since we arrived in the dark.  We're in the Old Quarters Queen room upstairs.  Yes, they've added a/c, thank goodness, and the bathroom has been modernized! ha!
 The library room in the main house.  They have a restaurant here, and we had a late dinner which was delicious!
 John enjoying a nice glass of wine -- needed after being behind the wheel all day.
Shrimp and grits - doesn't get much more southern then that!

Tomorrow we're off to see some of the civil war sites around town, so more tomorrow! I'm tired!

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