Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Weekend of Total Fun!

We had KT and Joss from Friday morning until this afternoon!  Jeff and Colleen had a wedding to go to, so we got to get in some serious spoiling.  KT and I started a little Halloween sewing project, too, so we had some fun with that.
Here's a few photos of our weekend.  Friday and Saturday were so great, and then poor Joss's first tooth must have broke through on Saturday night.  Poor little girl, she had a pretty bad night from about 3 am.  We made it through, though, and thank God for Infant Tylenol!!!
 I should have known something was up with that tooth since she drooled all over three outfits on Friday.

 My favorite face this little imp makes!

 We went out and checked out the chicken yard!

Our techie girl!

KT made muffins on Saturday morning! This girl can cook!

 Playing with a hula hoop!  She loved that it rattled when she shook it.

 Bathing beauty -- although she only was in the water about 3 minutes.  She wasn't into it at all!

Cannon ball!

 Uh ohh...starting to gnaw on everything she could get her hands on. I think her gums were hurting....

 Princess Leia on Sunday morning!

KT showed me how to make banana sushi...banana, peanut butter, and honey.  She said you have to put the honey on in lines, don't put dots of honey on it.  Ha! Such a chef already.

Drool, drool, drool....this is about when I decided to feel her gums and see if there was anything there. Aahaaaa!!!!

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