Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We have electric lights!!

John finished putting in the electric lights around the pool in one day.  I don't know how he does it, the heat out there just drains me in no time.  I sat in the shade and murmered encouraging words some, but that's about it. Whew!  But I really, really love how they turned out.  They are on all four corners of the pool deck.
 Here he is crawling under the deck running the electric lines....
 ...and climbing ladders to hang the lights.
 And here's how they looked that night.  Lovely! We don't have lights in the pool, but I have a couple of floating lights that just put off flashing lights from the top of the water.  Not much light, but they are pretty snazzy. Ha!  He's just about done for the summer...we will be skirting the bottom of the deck, but probably not until it starts to cool off this fall.  It's just hellish hot out there right now, and he really needs a break from this project.  The solar cap lights came in yesterday, and I'll post a picture of those as soon as they are put on.
Oh, and don't ask me about the gate....we're still negotiating his design.....arghhhh!!!! He's so stubborn!

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