Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Day Camp --- Day Ten

July 10th
This is Art week at summer day camp, and we decided to start out by using some mixed-media to just create whatever came into KT's head....this picture is her giving me the sign that she's had a "great idea!" Just look at her here and say in your head, "Aha!"
First she and Grumpy did some pipe cleaner twisting.....glasses....
...and a necklace!
 Then KT and Mimi took off to visit the library, since we didn't get to go on Tuesday.  KT was in the mood for some puzzles today!
 When we got home, KT "created" her own pizzas!
 Then we got started on the main project for the day -- an egg carton owl!  Cut out the head part which will become the eyes and beak, and then cut out the body from the egg carton lid....
 then paint the whole thing brown and black....
 Glue on some feathers that we had gone out to find in the chicken house....
...add some googly eyes, and you're done! Oh, and paint your face a bit while you're at it....
 Then go out and wash it all off in the pool!!!  This is KT mid air!!!!
 And then she had a great time playing with the sunning lounge chairs -- she found some creative ways to arrange them!
We had a great day catching up with Art Week!

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