Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Day Camp --- Day Fourteen

Today we started with a trip to the library, where we found some books about airplanes....
 ...did some drawing, read a few other books, and did a few puzzles!
 We got home in time for lunch, and then went for a long swim - 1-1/2 hours! Whew! We were tired and ready to do something in the shade after that!
Next up, a craft project.  KT and Grumpy built a model airplane that is powered by a rubber band.  After they built it, it was time to decorate it, so they painted it together. This took a while.

KT loves to paint!
 All done, now to let it dry.  We didn't have enough time to fly it today, so we'll do that next week.  I'll let you know how it goes.
We left for town a little early so that we could make a trip to the ice cream shop.  So it was off to the Baskin Robbin's for a treat.
 KT chose chocolate chip cookie dough, I had my usual chocolate, and Grumpy had sherbet in a cone.
Grumpy giving us the "evil eye!"

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