Friday, July 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 24

Not a lot going on in the garden right now -- I've finished picking and shelling three of the cow peas.  These are the Piggott Peas.  I received 30 seeds from Baker Seeds, and we got 1 lb. 3 oz yield, which will last us a good long while.
This little batch is the Bisbee Black cow peas.  There were about 1 out of every 6 pods that had a creamy tan pea instead of black?! No idea of this is normal, or some seeds got totally mixed up in the bin. Anyway, they only sent me 25 total seeds in the packet (these were from the Native American Seed Bank) and we only got 7 oz, so I went ahead and cooked these up.  Delicious!
I'm saving seeds of all of these cow peas to plant again next year.  The Peking Black cow peas really were the champs, though. I started with 28 seeds, and they yielded 2 lbs and 4 ozs.  The other cow peas that I got from the Native American Seed Bank (Guarijio Frijol Gamuza) are still growing out in the field, but haven't shown a flower or pod yet.  They seem to LOVE the heat, the plants are beautiful, and they seem to be more of a vine then the other types, but I'm wondering when they will flower.

Here are the BNH444 tomatoes that we have growing in our front flower bed.  These are from the plants that froze back in April.  Aren't they pretty?!
The morning glories are blooming every morning -- all faded shades in pastel.  They are growing well, but I'm kind of missing those brilliant blues from last years crop.
And we have a bird making a nest in the Bean Haus!  I haven't caught anyone home when I'm out there yet, but John thinks its a redbird that he sees out there all the time -- he caught her hanging from one of the Sorghum plants pecking seeds off (smart girl!)
Most of the rest of the garden is drying up pretty fast.  I'm keeping the peppers and the tomatoes going as long as they will, the peppers are starting to actually look better (maybe they love this hot weather?) and I'm getting tomatoes every day (total of a little over 19 pounds of tomatoes so far!)

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