Friday, July 18, 2014

Pool Update

John's been making steady progress on the pool project, even as we are enjoying the pool every single day.  I wish we had done this years ago, we are enjoying it that much!
He's almost done with the railing around the pool deck now, but here is a picture of the first post that he put in.
The left side railing is completely finished around that side of the pool now, and he's just about two panels short of finishing the right side.  
He started and finished the walkway railing in one day!
 We added black caps the top of most of the posts, and will have solar caps on some of the others.  Those caps are ordered but won't be here until next week.  I'm looking forward to seeing how they will look!
Here's a view of the right side railing progress.  The four tall posts on the corners will have electric lights for those days we want to swim in the evenings.  It's looking great!
I think we'll be using tin to skirt the bottom of the deck, on three sides.  More about that later!


  1. WOW! It looks amazing and so different. We need to come for a visit soon to see all of it. WOW! Molly VP