Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Day Camp --- Day Three

This week our theme is "Sharks", suggested and insisted by KT! She loves sharks, she even knows exactly where the shark books are at the library, and usually she will zero in on those books the minute we get there.  Most of our activities today were not really shark related, though, except for at the library.
 KT painting dolphins -- she's not bad at this, really....

 She added three new bugs to her bug board - a huge beetle we found dead in the garden, and a big water bug and a very big dragon fly found in the pool trap.
 We visited the chickens.....
 and the bean haus....
 and KT learned how to shell a bean pod - she counted how many were in each bean -- most had five, but some were only four, and one had seven!
 She counted all of them, then lined them up in a row....

 Then we went to the library!
 We read several books, including this one about a knight and a troll....very scary!
 Then we went home and picked up Grumpy and went to have lunch at La Cabana!
In the afternoon we went into the pool, played on the pavilion, and had a few snacks.  A full day!  On Thursday, we're going to the zoo!

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