Monday, June 23, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 22

We're starting to bring in a little something every day now from the garden.  These carrots are those Atomic and some Short n' Sweet.  
We've picked just short of 5 pounds of pole beans now...I guess I'm going to have to do something with these pretty soon.
Here's KT in the bean haus, she was helping me pull a few beans and she got the chicken egg for me!  It's nice and shady in there now.
Here's the green castor bean pods.
Most of the various cow peas have pods on them now, and some are starting to dry.  We'll probably have to start picking them and shelling them soon.  These are the Peking Black.
This is a small patch of sorghum that I planted for the chickens.  The tall ones at the back are the White Mountain Apache - this is pretty tall, probably over 7 foot.  I'm sure the chickens will be enjoying those seed heads in a while! The Texas Black Amber Molasses Sorghum in the front hasn't formed heads yet.

 Back of the garden is a huge bunch of volunteer corn -- we're guessing these are from the patch of Indian corn we had there last year.
 Here's some kind of watermelon from last year that volunteered this year!  We'll see what it is in a while.
Here's the tallest sunflower so far - it's from the Havasupai Mix that I got from the Native American Seedbank.  I'm 5'5", so I'm not sure how tall this guy is!
 I've been letting these dry and then cutting them for the chickens -- they have a blast with these sunflower heads - it'll keep them busy all day.
More pretty sunflowers.  I love these, they look like pure summer to me.

 The first few lima beans have shown up.  The pods are still flat, waiting for them to fill out.  I'm thinking of just letting them dry on the vine, and then shelling for dry beans.
It's starting to get hot HOT H O T out there in the garden now -- I've already given up on five of the raised beds, today I starting pulling up the garlic and drying it, and pulling up all the stunted plants in the others. Time to start amending the soil and getting it ready for the fall.

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