Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 9

We've been working like crazy to get the garden all planted and growing this past week.  Over the past couple of days we've put in all of the pepper plants.  I didn't start any of these myself, darn it, but I bought a nice selection of different sweet and hot peppers from various nurseries.  I'm looking forward to seeing if the Ancho peppers do well, I've never grown those before.  I have high hopes for the jalapenos since we've been out of those in the pantry for a while.

In the middle of that bed are two rows of cucumbers with a trellis for them to climb on.  Muncher was from Baker Seeds, and the Straight 8 seeds are a couple of years old -- hope they still germinate.
I've been potting up all of the little Black Cherry tomatoes that I had from volunteers in the greenhouse, just putting them around the garden in pots -- the one in the greenhouse is about 5 foot tall already and covered in blossoms! 
The first of the okra are up -- unbelievably the Clemson Spineless are the first to show  -- the seeds I was worried were too old. Ha! 
 Those Tangerine Crossvine buds are starting to burst!  They are just beautiful this year.
 I've just about finished putting the little herb garden together and all labeled.  The new plants are starting to thrive, and the few older plants I had are really liking their new home.

 Is Sydney trying to decide which herb to munch on?

 This cat mint plant is three years old now! I used to have it on the ground and the cats nearly squashed it to death several times.  I have it up on a stand now as protection!

And today I put in the squash plants.  I have four different types, and one more to plant when our granddaughter KT gets out here and puts in her part of the garden.
Next, the bean haus!

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