Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring 2014 Garden Diary, Post 11

Mother Nature threw us a nasty curve last week, with two nights of frost.  It got down to about 30 degrees for both nights.  John and I did our best to cover those plants that we could, and for the most part it worked well.  I made the mistake of using some landscape cloth to cover a few of the tomato cages, and lesson learned - it doesn't block the cold.  Plastic worked very well, and hay worked well too.  I lost 4 tomatoes -- but I've already replaced them, so on we go.  No use crying over it (as John keeps telling me.) Sigh.....

Here's how the garden looked for two days in a row.  The hay worked great over these squash, I didn't lose any of them.
Tarps over the herb gardens, and these worked great too.
Pots of every type over the pepper plants - most of them were fine, although a few leaves were frost burned.
The red pear tomato has a few little tomatoes on it!
This is the volunteer black cherry in the greenhouse - a few little tomatoes on it too! See the dark shoulders on these little guys? This plant is about 5 foot tall already.
The peas are about to burst out in bloom -- pretty little purple flowers coming.

The climbing Blaze rose is just bursting out everywhere!  So pretty.

The saddest thing is the sight of our beautiful Tangerine Cross-vine plants - they really got burned by the frost so bad.  The plants will come back but the dying flowers just look awful.

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