Monday, March 31, 2014

Saturday Morning - Buffalo Gap Historic Village - Buffalo Gap, Texas

After the Fort Phantom Hill, we headed out to Buffalo Gap Historic Village in the small town of Buffalo Gap a few miles outside of Abilene.
 On the porch of one of the homes
 The parlor
Tub - I think this is called a foot tub - it's pretty small. ?? Need to look this up.

This settlement features the first county courthouse, jail and 17 buildings with western and Indian artifacts.  We had a great time walking through all of the buildings -- the first home reminded me so much of my grandparents home in Yoakum - the creaking floorboards, the old oven, and so many of the furnishings.
There were some beautiful ceiling lamps that had been converted from oil burning. Just beautiful!

The courthouse was very interesting, and the one jail cell was upstairs along with a big room displaying lots of Indian artifacts and tools/weapons from early settlers found in the area.
 Cannon in the courthouse
 Various inkwells in the courthouse
 Arrowhead display
This stone tool looked frightening!

There was a big barn full of early buggies and tools dating from 1853, 1904 and 1925 (I think.)  Each date was represented by various items.  Some of the machines from 1925 were a complete mystery to me...I have no idea what one of these items is.
 ????? Any ideas?

There was an old schoolhouse, a train depot, doctors house, an art display building, an old bank building, post office, and blacksmith's building.  We could have spent hours here -- and we did stay until after 1pm, but were getting hungry.  Too bad they didn't have a restaurant there, we would have stayed longer.

 The bank building
John behind the counter at the gas station
After we left we stopped at one of the local places, The Bar BQ Barn.  I thought we had stepped back to the 1950s, but the food honestly was very good.  Very tender brisket.

After lunch we were off to the next Fort.

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