Monday, March 31, 2014

John's birthday trip!

Well, first, let me start by telling you a really funny (ha ha) story about why we didn't get to see the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library.  See, here's the's actually in Abilene, KANSAS.  How did I get steered so wrong?! I can only blame Google, and the fact that I'm just this side of an idiot.  Sigh....

We left Friday about 11 am after taking the dog to the kennels, stopped in Boerne for lunch, and made it to Abilene about 4pm.  After we checked in and rested for a bit, we headed downtown to try out one of the restaurants that is supposed to be one of the best in town, and where they brew a local beer, The Cypress Street Station.  I have to tell you, I was surprised how empty downtown was, just a car or two around, and as we walked to the restaurant, we noticed that every single store downtown closes at 5pm! What?! Even the touristy places were closed.  The only thing we saw open were the few places to eat, but it sure made parking easy!

 Their Rags red ale that John tried, and he liked.  He also had their Honey Nut ale which was good.
Pecan pie al la mode - we shared one!

We stayed there quite a while, then drove around the downtown area.  Funny shirt in one of the closed storefronts said "Keep Abilene Boring." ha ha!

Then, because I forgot the SD card, we made a quick stop at the local Walmart to get one for our trips to the two local forts.  Here's where we found everyone - very crowded! Yikes...but we did get our card and then back to the hotel for the night.
I'll post up Saturday's adventures next!

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