Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Food Challenge

My January resolution?

I made a challenge to myself to spend the entire month only eating food from our freezer and pantry -- not buying anything new except the usual few things that we don't store, like milk or eggs, etc.  So far so good!

To start out the month, I pulled out a big bag of turkey that John fried at Thanksgiving -- and we've had several meals made out of that.  I made a delicious turkey pot pie the other night, and tonight we're having turkey hash!

We may be eating lots of veggies by the end of the month, but hopefully I'll have cleaned out some room in the both freezers!  It's kind of fun to figure out what to make out of what I find as we uncover what's buried in there.

I also have lots of food in the pantry that may be getting close to their expiration date (we found some canned fruit that had expired two years ago in their yesterday! ha!) (no, Colleen, we didn't eat it -- it went in the trash.) So we're going to go thru all that stuff throughout the month too.

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  1. TWO YEARS?!?!? Thank gosh you threw it away! Yes, use up what you've got. We are doing the same thing.