Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

Oh my gosh, I haven't posted since December 18th! I can't believe I've let this go so only excuse is that we have a new baby in the house (a baby of the puppy variety!)

 I'm going to put up just one long post to cover our very busy Christmas week.  I told John tonight when I downloaded all my photos, I just didn't take enough pictures this year, I just wasn't focused on it this year. 

First, JR and Ashley arrived via train on the Friday before Christmas, very early in the morning.  They really seemed to enjoy the two day train ride here, so John and I have resolved to try a trip that way one day.  We met them for breakfast that morning - they looked great!
JR and Ashley at the Magnolia Pancake House
JR came out the next morning and made kolaches for us -- meanwhile I had already started a batch of sweet rolls, so we both worked in the kitchen that day -- Colleen and KT came out to visit and KT got a lesson in making kolache rolls from her Uncle.

My hot chocolate with kolache roll for breakfast the next morning!
On Christmas morning we had breakfast with Jeff, Colleen and KT at their home -- this has become a tradition for the past three years!  KT got to show off everything that Santa had brought her, and she had quite a few wonderful things from that jolly old man!

 KT showed me the cookies and milk that she left for Santa - he ate most of them!
KT showing off her new tricked out car (Hello Kitty!) and dragon costume!
Then we had Christmas lunch at our house -- a great bunch.  Uncle Mike and Aunt Kathy came, too, along with the Hoyts, with Katie who was in town for the holiday, and our niece Adrienne, and Ashley's dad and sister also came along.  
Those of us who were still here in the late afternoon....
 KT made us a garden stone with her 3 year old hand!
 Ashley's sister, Karoline, is in the business of making craft ice creams - she brought us a couple of samples! Delicious - her ice cream is very creamy.  We all took a couple of spoonfuls and wish her well in her new endeavor!
 KT showing off yet more gifts! She was totally overwhelmed with gifts this Christmas.
Seat belt pet!
JR and Ashley had to leave on Thursday, the day after Christmas, so we met her dad and sis for lunch that day before they had to get to the airport.  Wish they could have stayed for much longer (or forever, ha!) but I'm glad they got to come for the holiday.

I don't know about you, but I think Christmas just whizzed by me this year. Might just be my age, time is just speeding along.  I want more time to stop and think, please!
More posts tomorrow -- I have lots to catch up with!

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