Monday, November 18, 2013

Movie Review --- Thor 2: The Dark World

We've finally been to see a movie again. I can't believe how long ago its been, but there really hasn't been much that we've both wanted to see until now.
Thor 2! I liked it a lot, it was a real mix of action and comedy...oh, the comedic little gems that they peppered throughout the movie were priceless!
From the pant-less Dr. Erik Selvig, who you might think is teaching a class here at this blackboard (but you'd be wrong),
to the Intern, Darcy and her new intern.  (Oh yes, an intern for the intern.)
Loki was surprisingly likable in this movie, which is a trick in itself....someone please remind Thor he should never, never, never trust Loki.

They had some cameos by the Borg Queen (pure geek excitement!!!) and Captain America. And when Thor enters Jane's apartment and hangs up his hammer on the coat rack, I almost spit popcorn all over the theater. Just hilarious....
Go see it - you will love it.  Stay for the credits (there are two, one early on and the other after the end of the credits) if you want, but I didn't think either one was really worth the wait -- those credits go on and on and on..... you'll see why these movies cost so much money.  Good grief! So many people to make a movie? Whew.

Oh, and for those of you who may watch Face Off on the Syfy channel, like I do (one of my favorite shows ever), Roy -- this is what a dark elf looks like.  Note the ears. Now, if you had just done a dark elf instead of whatever that was you did, you might have won the season. Tsk!

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