Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween month....

I'm not doing much decorating this month since we're getting ready for a big wedding in November, so just a few things to celebrate the holiday, most of them from the Dollar Store! Thrifty!

A trio of black owls (KT informed us that the one on top of the box is a brother, and the other two are his sisters) sits on the mantel. Wonder how she knew that? I really can't tell the difference between boy and girl owls. Ha!

I made a wreath I found on Pinterest from a murder of black crows (thanks, Jason!)  I think it turned out great! Since this photo I sprayed some glitter around their heads, gave it a bit of sparkle!
And I have some of the gourds and pumpkins that we grew in the garden all around the place.  I just love fall!
On Monday, since I had the model with me, I sewed KT a cute little Halloween skirt printed with spiders all over it, and she got a pair of socks from the "mailman" who drops off little things in the mailbox on her little house.  She called these "spell" socks, I'm guessing the cauldron is what she was thinking about.  She's such a smart girl.

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