Thursday, October 24, 2013

Giving up on the Fall garden...

Things are just to crazy around here for me to concentrate on the Fall garden this year, so I've decided to just give it up and wait for next Spring.  The two beds that I planted didn't germinate very well, only a few of the seeds came up. Sigh....There are a few things still growing out there, and I have a couple of plants in the small greenhouse that I'm keeping alive, but that's about it.
 The pepper plants that I cut back have bounced back very well...most are covered in peppers.  I'm convinced that they do much better in the fall - the plants are bushier and the peppers have much thicker walls then the spring crop.
 Sweet yellow peppers -- these are delicious!
 Lots of jalapenos!
And this is my Meyer lemon tree on the pavilion - they are starting to turn yellow! I'm completely amazed at these...can't wait to try one!

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