Thursday, October 17, 2013

And the remodel continues....

First, the siding is done! It looks fantastic, and I pinch myself every time I go outside and see it!
 There are still some things we have to take care of, such as the deck around the house and the doors. And, we are not quite done inside the house - little things like hanging up all the photos again, caulking the stairs, and John installed my new kitchen sink on the weekend.  (Love it!!)  We went with stainless again, and I got a fancy, schmancy new faucet.
Today I painted the side door, and tomorrow I'm working on the front door.  John finished skirting the deck around the house.  He's putting up wood for now, and will paint it next week.  It's only temporary, as he really wants to rock it, but I think we'll wait until Spring sometime to start on that project....we really need a break! Whew!
 Entry hall photos...
 I'm putting photos up the stairwell this's taking me a while because I'm not a natural at this...I'm constantly second guessing myself about where to put things.  Sigh...
 The door I painted today.

John working on the deck skirting.  He had to remove all of the old cedar first, and removing all the nails took him most of the morning! I think this house was being held up by nails!

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