Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What a hell of a week....

So this happened....

Doesn't this always happen....just when peace and calm is returning to your kingdom, and you think you have everything in hand, several projects planned, and the anticipation of fall in the air.....
I walked into the food pantry on Monday afternoon and splashed right through a puddle of water.
Double damn it!

"John, where in the heck did this water come from?"

He began tracking it down and discovered that our a/c unit was not draining properly, was completely full of condensation and was plugged up...and I mean totally! We found water under the laminate flooring all through the kitchen area and through the pantry, into the flooring under the stairwell.


Once the cover was off the a/c unit, the smell came through loud and clear. Musty, mustiness!  I had to completely move everything out of the pantry, we had to move the fridge and everything we had in that corner of the kitchen so that we could vac up the water and begin drying the floors out. 

Of course, it was a holiday, so none of the companies that we had to reach were working.  Tuesday morning it was a call in to the insurance company ("The earliest we could have an adjuster out will be Thursday.") Well okay, then.  We'll be living with this mess for a bit longer, I guess.

The a/c company came out late Tuesday, around 7 pm, and gave us an estimate for repairs, etc. Yikes!!! But, what can you do, we have to have a/c in Texas.  So they came back today and we now have blessed cool air again.


John had already made several calls last week to siding companies because we desperately need to re-side the house.  The original siding is cedar and it's done the best it could over the past 27 years and several repaintings, but its time to go.  We've had a different siding company out on Tuesday, today, and one more tomorrow.  Estimates are running in the high $30Ks to the low $40Ks....a tad more then we had expected, but as I said, desperately needed.  So we're going to have one more estimate tomorrow, and the siding shall commence.  This is a big step for John...I want to commend him on actually letting someone else do work on his house.  


One of my tooth caps flipped out on Tuesday afternoon (was I grinding my teeth???) So this morning I found myself at the dental office getting that cap glued back in.  A bit of bright news in a gloomy week -- it only cost me $15.  Whooop!

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