Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mimi's Summer Day Camp -- Day Fifteen, Under the Ground Week

 Today we have company visiting from Florida, so we took a little sight seeing trip to the Natural Bridge Caverns, near New Braunfels, Texas.
Adrienne, KT and Daniel
 We took the cave tour, which was about 1/2 mile down, and another 1/4 mile back up to the visitors center.  I was expecting the cave to be a bit cooler 180 feet down, but it wasn't really.  It may have been in the high 70s, but the humidity was about 100%....yikes!

KT with Aunt Andrea
KT did great - she's such a great trooper, but especially since she had two cousins escorting her and picking her up and generally at her beck and call.
Adrienne, KT and Daniel on a huge orange dino!
Back row: Uncle Bobby, KT and Aunt Andrea
Front Row: Andrea's mom Ruth, Daniel, Adrienne and John
We had lots of fun and KT got to bring home a little bat, although we didn't get to see any bats in the cave.  There was evidence of older bat areas there, but no live sites that we got to see.
KT named her bat "Ella Wren"
After lunch at Babes, we headed home and KT did a little swimming before we met up with her parents for dinner with Uncle Bobby and family.  A full day, and we're very tired!!

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