Friday, August 16, 2013

Mimi's Summer Day Camp -- Day Eighteen, Beach Week

We started the last day of day camp with an art project....KT's favorite thing to do. The dollar store had a really easy dolphin picture - no glue required!  It was easy and a lot of fun, she really followed the picture of the completed project to know where to put each colored little rubber pellets.

 KT and Grumps examined all of the shells that we bought in a bag at the Dollar Store.  There are some pretty nice shells in the bag - and she then decided which ones go in the water (blue pebbles) and which would go on the sand.

 Then we broke out the little ocean creatures - most of them belonged in the water.  We had to have Grumpy's help in knowing which were which.

 Then it was time to go to the library!  Our last visit for the summer.  Cousin Daniel went with us.
 We watched a cute little turtle movie, A Turtle's Tale 2, while we were eating lunch, and then KT took a little nap! She doesn't do that much anymore, but we had a busy morning. When she woke up, we made an aquarium! Two paper plates, some pictures I printed of fish and underwater creatures, two plastic lobsters left over from one of our dinner club events (thanks, Aunt Kathy!) and some plastic wrap.  Easy peasy!
 Before we left we had time for one more puzzle!
On the way to dance class!  I think this was her last class for this session, too.
We're going to miss having KT come over every week and we're looking forward to next summer!

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