Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Movie Review ---- R.I.P.D.

Well, again, I really wanted to love this one..it has all the elements of a big summer block buster, a great actor (Jeff Bridges) and a cutie pie (Ryan Reynolds), but....something just didn't quite gel.  It was a fun movie, lots of comedy and action, with some great graphics. The undead were well done, but seemed like a re-tread.  It reminded me a lot of Ghostbusters.  Bridges really chews up the scenery with his old cowboy self...he used almost the identical voice he used in True Grit.  The story was so-so.  I had no idea that Kevin Bacon was going to be in this movie, he didn't show up in any of the previews.  That was a surprise.
I give it a 3, but John says 2.5, and I say wait until it comes to the small screen.  I wish we had gone to see Reds 2 instead.  Sigh.....

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