Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Movie Review --- Pacific Rim

A W E S O M E !!!  Totally awesome!
Earth has been under attack by a race of aliens, the Kaiju, intent on harvesting the planet's riches and exterminating us puny humans.  You will totally recognize Del Toro's hand in creating the Kaiju -- they are his signature creature, although much larger.

We creative humans have countered these aliens by creating large robots, the Jaegers, that are powered by joining the brains of two people who ride in the head of the robot and control the limbs.  There's the Chinese robot, the Russian robot, the Australian robot....you get the drift (which is a little pun on what they all it when the brains of the two connect...drifting.)

I was hoping they wouldn't over do the robot combat stuff, and they didn't.  The battles are not so long you forget why they are doing it in
the first place, which is genius of the director.  I do lose interest if its nothing but action all the time. There's just the right amount of story, character building, serious action, and comedy relief.  Idris Elba plays the main character, Stacker Pentacost, and does a great job of making you care about these people. The two scientists that are trying to "understand" the Kaiju are hilarious, and Del Toro favorite, Ron Pearlman, plays a black-market Kaiju organ salesman and just chews up the scenery. Hilarious!!! He meets a grisly death....deserved in some ways.

I loved it, John loved it, and we both give it 4 stars and I wish there was a follow up movie to hope for.

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