Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mimi's Summer Day Camp -- Day Twelve, Bugs! Week

We continued with bug week, but also wanted to go see the dinosaurs at the Witte Museum, since we didn't get to go last week.
 First thing in the morning we went looking for bugs outside.  The very first thing we found by turning over a rock was this nasty scorpion! Yuck! 
 Then we went inside and drew bugs on a big page of brown paper.  KT is 
drawing a centipede there.
 Then we took off for town.  After  lunch at Red Robin (they have the perfect mac and cheese bowl!), we arrived at the Witte.
 Inside we found a bunch of animatronic dinos!  

6 KT enjoyed the iPads that each of the displays had for exploring more about the dinos.
 She went into the pit to try her hand at archeology.  She was brushing away the sand to find the dinosaur bones.  There were a lot of kids in this thing, she really enjoyed this.
 KT didn't want to turn her back on these dinosaurs, but she did for my photo op!
 After the dinosaurs, we went to see the Texas Wild displays.  They had bugs!!!
 There was a huge centipede in this display....KT gave me her "scared" face!
 Identifying bugs.
This display had a prairie dog (he's right there in front of that log with the holes in it.) 
 KT and Grumps are on their way to see the BIG dinosaur display out on the lawn.
They are protected by TESS, Inc., John's company!  Jeff did a lot of this project.  So proud of them for getting this job.

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