Friday, July 12, 2013

Mimi's Summer Day Camp -- Day Eight, Sports Week

Today we celebrated sports in several ways..... first we went with Grump's to the golf course in Bandera, Texas, and rode all around on the golf cart!
It was fun and although it was very hot, we found a lot of trees to park under the shade.
We fed the geese on the course.  They seemed to like crushed cheese nips!
So did the minnows and the turtles!
KT helped Grumps by delivering towels and pointing out where to aim when he putts.
KT enjoyed a few snacks on the cart, including these delicious sugar free oreos!
Then we hit up the Bandera Dairy Queen.  We pointed out that her momma spent a lot of time at this place after school and running around with her high school friends.  KT really liked that idea.
We took her by the high school and told her about all the sports that her mother played in high school.  
Time to cool off in the pool!
And then time to dress in her new dance class clothes and off we went to deliver her in time!  We had a great week!

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