Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tromboncino Squash and Tomatoes

I went ahead and picked some of these squash....when reading up on them online it was recommended that if you want to eat them like summer squash, you should pick them from 1 to 2 foot, so I'm doing that.  Evidently they will continue to produce through fall if you keep them picked, so we'll see.  I'm going to let one of them go just to see how long they can get, and to save the seeds.
I also am putting a "Tums" at the base of each of my tomato plants.  This week I trimmed all of the plants to get rid of new suckers at the base and open the plants up to get good ventilation through them.  I added new soil to the buckets and fertilized them.  The Tums are supposed to give them calcium which keeps them from getting that black bottom that some of them are prone to.  So far I haven't seen any of that this year, so hopefully this will help.  I buried it near the roots when I added the new soil.

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