Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Monday I froze okra for Southern Style Fried Okra.  I had almost three pounds of okra from the garden that I needed to put up.
Don't let the word okra put you off, fried okra is delicious!! It's not slimy like boiled okra can be, so try it some time.
 Part of the okra -- John was out picking some fresh to add to this pile.  Some of the largest ones I am saving for seeds, so I'll let them dry out on the window sill.
 Burmese Okra
 Texas Hill Country Red Heirloom Okra
 Cut up and ready to dredge in egg, then seasoned cornmeal and flour. 
I froze them flat on a couple of cookie sheets before putting in freezer bags this morning.  Ready to fry up! Yummm!!  Next big batch of okra will be pickled. 

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