Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hot weekend....

Weather forecast for tonight:  dark.  ~George Carlin

Crazy weather this weekend...a 1/4" of rain during the early morning, but hot hot hot by noon. Too hot to do much out in the garden during the day on Saturday and Sunday....I made little trips out early in the morning and in the evening.  That's probably going to be our routine for a while.  Whew!
 Another of those mystery flowers...this one a soft white with touches of pink.
 A tiny scarlet morning glory that came in the mix package.  Very small but vibrant!
 KT's garden has about 6 tiny Jack-be-Little pumpkins!  Can't wait to show them to her!
 I picked almost two pounds of these Collier Cucumbers this weekend....prolific!
 A few little Isis Candy tomatoes have shown up.
The chickens (can you see them?) have been roaming the gardens, mostly looking for bugs.  So far they haven't messed with any of the plants except the Swiss Chard, which they will reach out and grab every once in a while.  I told you it was delicious! ha! Thankfully I planted more then I needed, so I don't begrudge them a few leaves on the outer edges.

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